Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service:

We welcome you to EVAPP. EVAPP is owned by evapp.in co. and is a service through which users can mobile applications.

By using the service, you accept the terms & conditions of EVAPP and declare that you have right, capacity to use this services.

Modification of Terms:
Company reserves the right to update the terms of service at its sole discretion. Company shall revise the terms time to time without prior notice. And it would be effective immediately. Viewers/Users are suggested to review terms at regular intervals.

Registration/Sign Up:
By registering on evapp.in you agree the terms and conditions of EVAPP. You can register yourself directly on the website. Or you can do the same process through Facebook.

Kindly remember, if you are registering through Facebook, kindly refer the use of service through 
Facebook and its Privacy policy as it applies to all the information shared by you to the service through http://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/ and http://www.facebook.com/legal/terms

If you create account directly from our website, following terms apply:
  • The use of the service is solely for your personal use. It is deemed that you will not authorize others to use or access your information without your consent.
  • One account will be created per one registration.
  • By registering, you authenticate that the information created/given by you is true and fair at your best knowledge.
  • EVAPP would not be responsible for any misguidance for your information and shall restrict the user from using the service of EVAPP.
  • You agree to notify company immediately for an unauthorized use or access of your passwords or personal information provided by you.

License to Use & Access of Service:
The company hence provide you non-exclusive, revocable and limited rights to use the service of EVAPP. On finding any misconduct or forgery on the part of users; company shall seize all rights of use immediately without prior notice. Any of the content part either entire or of a part will not be copied, transferred or shared for other commercial purpose thereof. If found such, company will seize all rights of usage immediately without notifying the users.

Restriction on Use of Content:
Data includes all compiled information like name, contact details, mail id, pictures, logos, videos, etc. And such data is protected by copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights, and are protected in all present forms, media and technological platforms currently existing or developed in future. All rights, titles, interests are owned by the company and/or its subsidiaries, affiliates, assigns, licensors or other parties who have licensed their material to the company.

The Service allows you to post, transmit or distribute data, text, software, sound files, images, photographs, graphics, video, messages, files, links and other materials (“User Content”). All User Content is your sole responsibility. By posting User Content, you represent and warrant that you own or are otherwise legally allowed to use or license or sublicense all right, title and interest to such User Content to Company.

Third Party Service & Operating Systems
Users, hereby, agree that all the mobile application systems accompany to the said terms & services. Company does not carry any responsibility for either direct, or indirect incidental or loss and damage arising from negligence, breach or defamation of contract.

Infringement of Copyright:
From any relevant, identifiable reason if you find that your copyrighted work is used for other purpose, or any rights have been violated, kindly provide company with following information;

  • Signature of authorized person to act on behalf of copyright owner 
  • Original source of copyrighted content you claim to be copied
  • Your contact details
  • Statement showing good faith in your statement & accuracy in your application.
  • Notices for infringement must be sent on [email protected]