Manage your event with ease through Evapp.

Go for mobile event apps for any type of event with fully featured formatting option on top mobile app creator.

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  • Build Independent app for event
  • Edit your app as per requirement
  • Can add your pages & content
  • Do formatting and updates any time anywhere
  • Straightaway publishing option

Information Page

Provide information about event with information page. Edit your title & subtitle, Enter location and address of event venue. There is a text-area with basic formatting tools for descriptive information where you can also add videos, pictures and links.

  • Describe your Event
  • Add event title
  • Locate your event venue

Schedule Page

Make your event more informative with schedule page. By providing Date, starting time & ending time of event along with location and address. CSV file upload option is also available.

  • List out event parts
  • Set time for every part of event

Amazing Features

Features that help you to make your own App


Introduce your speakers, attendees, staff with page named “people”. By editing their names, short bio, contact details, social details and also photos with zoom in or out setting option.


Share documents to escalating knowledge for all attendees. Two file format options are there Word & PDF.

Social Feed

A platform where organization and attendees can communicate. Discuss on any topic with each other by participants.

News Feed

To make some announcement, news related event by admin or organization only. With the option of everyone if admin allows other can also post in news feed.


Share and showcase your cerebration visually through videos. Upload video URLs of YouTube or Vimeo.

Snap Sharing

Snap sharing allows adding photos, group shots of your moments with EVAPP. Add a snap sharing page and upload the pics from mobile devices. With Admin only option admin can restrict to upload photos.


Demonstrate your images, Enlightening figures, and other informative things from admin end. This feature is restricted for other users.

Image & Text

Characterize your idea, event, thoughts through image and description. Add Image title. Text-area provided along with basic formatting tools.


Warmly invite your people with the invitation page and create new way for invitation. Event title, Event date, duration, location, address, website and a text area are available for invitation page.

Multi Track

Personalize your event’s multi track schedule as per your preference. Import your schedule CSV file or download default CSV samples and edit there. Attach color label to your track as per importance.


Know users opinion on any thought of yours. Attendees can defer ans by choosing one of the available options.

Simple Text

A simple text box available on page. Only text content like about us, registry , FAQs.